The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible. -O. Wilde

Religion is generally a touchy subject. It can also be an interesting topic. Well, at least I think so. That’s why I’m a religion minor.

Well, that and I should have graduated a semester ago. I decided having  a minor was a good excuse to stay in college longer than necessary. College is supposed to be four years, and as previous posts illuminate, I have no desire to cut it short.

So, here I am. An advertising major and a religion minor. Two subjects that have nearly nothing in common except that I find both interesting.

I don’t plan on doing anything with my religion minor. Which is why there isn’t really a theme to the classes I’ve taken in that department. I’ve taken everything from Hinduism to Gender in Medieval Christian Mysticism. The common denomiator is just that I needed to fill my schedule and classes that began with RN happened to draw my attention.

In fact, most of the religion classes I’ve taken have been doubled listed in either History or Classics. I’m more interested in religion’s cultural role in a time or place I guess.

This leads to my current predicament. I’m currently enrolled in a 100-level religion course. No, I’m not trying to slack off senior year. I need it to graduate. Since I didn’t plan on minoring in this subject I didn’t follow the path correctly so I’m back tracking. (But I’m not exactly complaining about it being meant for freshman either. Senioritis has set in after all.)

What is the problem you ask? The problem is that I intern MWF, and there is only one 100-level religion course offered TR. It is called Death and Immortality.

The topic being morbid is not the problem. I mean, I would not have chosen it if given other options but, whatever. The problem is that this is the first course that I’ve taken that seems to be asking me to question my own faith.

I was leaving the second class this week and I heard other students talk about how fast that 90 minutes flew for them. How they were really enjoying this class. I felt like I needed to clean my ears. Seriously? Every minute in that giant lecture hall was a struggle for me. I must have checked the clock hundreds of times.

That’s when I realized something. I might be the first religion major in history who is simply not interested in questioning my own theology. I really don’t want to think about me. I love hearing about how Christians in Medieval Europe thought that illness was brought on by elves and consequently worked the mention of them in to the Lord’s Prayer. Come on, elves! Who wouldn’t want to learn about that.

Elves Image from Google Images

However, asking me which five models of Death and Immortality my  beliefs fit in to is just not what I call a good time. I don’t really care which model I fit. I honestly don’t think I fit a model. Either way I don’t want to think about it.

But now the fact that I’ve realized that I don’t want to think about it is bothering me. I already spend so much time obsessing over my more immediate future is it really so bad that I don’t want to waste more time on my more distant one?

That doesn’t sound like a question a true religion minor would ask. I’m sure if some of my peers read this they’d ask me why I’m even bothering. But I hope some of them would understand. I like religion because it is something that pretty much all of humanity shares. Very few people through out history have gone through life without religion impacting them. Even atheists are not exempt. Puritanism has shaped America’s history and whether you believe or not the society at large is influenced and so are you.

It is a cultural phenomenon that cannot be escaped and it’s interesting. What about the human condition makes religion so important to us? Is it so bad that I think that is a better question than What happens when we die?



Is that you Father Time? It’s me, Amanda.

How do you measure time? I mean large chunks of time. A year is a long time but the more you add on the shorter they become. At some point you have to start grouping them together. I suppose that’s why we have decades and centuries and millennia, because depending on the topic, looking at things a year at a time is too tedious.

I’ve come to the realization that I’ve been measuring my time on this planet based on school.  That is how my life has come to be parceled out. There was elementary school which was 6 years. Then the 3 years of hell we call middle school. (Memories from 6th through 8th grade still send shivers down my spine, let’s not talk about it.) Then high school which was 4 and then college which was 4 more.

The problem is the verb tense. “Was” I’m graduating in May. I’ve tipped the scales into the past tense. That is scary enough in of itself and I guarantee that a good many future posts will probably center on the topic of my impending graduation and the mixture of nauseating emotions that it triggers. But the thing I’m struggling with today is how I’m going to measure time.

There is no countdown to be had now. Once I embark on my journey into adult life there are no more nice little hash marks on the time line.  New jobs, new homes, promotions, ect. Those will all come when they feel like it. There is no preordained time limit on them.

Everything is going to have to be retrospective. In 2007, when I graduated from high school and started college I was entering my “College Years.” That was the new chapter in the book of my life, and as I was going about living it. I was living the “College Years” portion of my life and I knew it would last for exactly 4 years.

Here’s a pictorial representation of what I’m talking about


That's a big maroon box of "I Have No Idea!!!!"

What comes in May? What is the title of that next chapter and how long with it be? I don’t know. Just try to tell me that’s not scary. I’m sure some people will make the argument that the unknown is exciting.

Wrong, the unknown is scary. It is why people fear the dark and death and foreign lands. Not knowing things is intrinsically frightening to the human race.

How am I going to mark off time? I’m already 21, so major birthdays at this point are just decades. Measuring my life in decades…that doesn’t sound fun.

At some point I’m sure I’ll come to terms with staring out at an open road with no mile makers in sight. It’s just probably not today.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

So I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. With the start of a new year I finally decided, let’s just do it. I like to write, I like to give my opinion on things, I have a lot of thoughts, why not share them. If no one wants to read them, then that’s ok. I don’t really mind. But if someone does want to read this blog, then awesome. Yay modern technology and its ability to connect people and spread ideas.

That being said, I’m not really sure what this blog is going to be about. I know blogs are supposed to have a focused theme, and one day I’m thinking I will do that, but I’m not sure what I want that theme or topic to be yet. So for now the over arching theme is “stuff I’m thinking about.” Man if a sentence like that doesn’t make you want to subscribe I don’t know what will. 😀 just kidding, I swear this will get better.

This is something fun – How I chose my blog title. I know you’re wondering. Admit it, you’re totally wondering.

Well, “Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast” is a quote from my all time favorite author — this guy.

I’m pretty positive that if Oscar Wilde and I had co-exsisted in the same time and place we would have been best friends. At the very least he would have kept me around for a morale boost, because I would have been his biggest fan. I love his wit. I aspire to be witty like him and I fail miserably, but it’s the effort that counts. I do manage to be clever sometimes, but clever ranks below witty.

I also happen to whole-heartedly agree with this quote. I am not a morning person. Nothing fun happens in the morning. Sunsets are equally as beautiful as sunrises and you don’t have to get up early for them. Even breakfast food is better when it is not at breakfast.

So there you have it, the title of my blog. I love Oscar. I hate chipper morning people. Instant blog title. I promise you (whoever “you” are out there in the universe) that I will aspire not to be dull and will hence forth only be brilliant from lunch on.