I’m Not an Influencer

I’m a social person. I always have been. But not overly so. I enjoy crowds, having a wide circle of friends. Ask anyone that knows me, I love to talk. I could have a conversation with just about anyone about just about anything. So naturely I also enjoy social media.

But I am not a social media junkie by any means. Yes I have twitter, facebook, foursquare and even linkedin on my blackberry. But seriously I’m not one of those crazy people who can’t function if they can’t share their every thought with the universe. But, I do like sharing thoughts with the universe. Case in point, this here blog.

That being said I do not make a conscious effort to have followers or a dedicated reader base in any of my many social media channels. However, thats does not mean I am not interested in the followers or readers I happen to have.

I think anyone who has even just one follower, friend, connection or reader who is not in their immediate circle of friends or family is probably interested in who is out there listening. Enter About.me. It’s the latest thing interning at an ad agency has shown me.

I learned about it from this agency blog: http://www.hhcc.com/blog/2011/02/digging-around-in-personal-analytics/

If you have a social media account you’ll find About.me interesting too. I mean who doesn’t want to look at automated graphs about their own influence.

About.me is probably just the next Klout.com, used by social media hams to boost their own ego. But for now its the new shiny object in my internet browsing history that I’ll be checking out everyday.

I may not be an “influencer” according to my Klout score. But 7 people did click on the content I spewed out into the universe today and you know what? Knowing that is kinda neat. Besides, I’m kinda into people making their own decisions. (But seriously, follow my lead, check about.me out)


What’s an Ad Exchange?

So If you’ve read my About Me section you know that I’m an aspiring advertising professional. I’m leaning toward media and I have since September been enjoying a really great Digital Media internship. The great thing about digital is that it changes literally everyday and the power of technology is really put to the test.

However, that is kind of a double-edged sword. There’s a lot to know. So when I come across articles that do a great job at explaining what’s going on in this space I feel obligated to share. Below is a really great article from iMedia Connection that explains Ad Exchanges and DSPs better than any other I’ve ever read.

So if you happen to be an ad nerd like me, you should give it a quick read.




A simple guide to how ad exchanges work – iMediaConnection.com

It’s the Super Bowl, Wear Your Stretchy Pants

There are a good many reasons why I love Super Bowl Sunday. I’m a Advertising major so I get to nerd out all day on brand new commercials made with huge production budgets that might spawn whole new brand images or spiral down into a fiery pit of lost investment.

I also love football. I admittedly prefer college to professional but as it’s already been over a month since I last saw my Dawgs play I’ve transitioned.

However, the commercials, the game, even the half time show will all play second fiddle to what is really the main event. Eating.

The Super Bowl is in my eyes the best eating day of the year. It is better than Thanksgiving. That’s right I said it. I hear you foodies yelling blasphemy. But let’s think about it. Thanksgiving is lovely. Turkey. Mash Potatoes. Stuffing. But it just does not hold a candle to Super Bowl food.

This year, it’s just me and my roommates. Our poor college TV isn’t large enough to host a party, but you’d never know it by the spread we’ve got planned. We’ve already placed the order for wings (three different varieties including Mustang Ranch, Teriyaki, and Buffalo courtesy of our local http://www.wingsover.com/ establishment). We’re making Tostones (fried plantains for all of you not blessed with a half Colombian, quarter Spanish, quarter Puerto Rican roommate), mini pigs in a blanket, cheese fries (made with waffle fries because then they look like little fences, D-Fence!), and my Famous Football Dip!

Just try and tell me that that menu doesn’t best Thanksgiving! Oh wait, are you wondering what my Famous Football Dip is. Well I will share it with you, because I’m just that nice.


Package of Cream Cheese (soften)


Can of Hormel No Bean Chili

Cheedar Cheese

All you have to do is layer the ingredients in that order in a 9x9in pan, throw it in the oven at 350 degrees and cook it until it’s bubbly. Astonishingly simply, mind-blowingly delicious.  I suggest serving with Scoops tortilla chips. The chips are really just a vehicle for the dip. I’ve seen people just it with a spoon. And by I’ve seen people, I mean, I am people.

The Super Bowl is a true American holiday. It has it all: commercialism, violence, and trans fats. So put on your stretchy pants and celebrate the athleticism of other people with me. Cheers!