The New Pandora…Kinda.

So I love Pandora. I have it on my blackberry. It’s wonderful. I have a Bon Jovi station on there that is absolutely baller. But sometimes I feel like I want more control over what I’m listening to.

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Enter GrooveShark . With GrooveShark you have the option of listening to genre radio stations. Or you can search for music by song or artist and add it to a play list. Any song. You can also upload your music library from your computer and it goes into your personal music stash. You can add songs you search for to your “My Music” so you can easily cue it up next time you’re on too.

It’s basically like having a huge music library you can listen to online. It’s kinda perfect for me because I usually listen to music at my internship where I’m on a computer but I obviously don’t have access to all my music. It’s also great for those days when Katy Perry is stuck in your head, but you don’t own any of her music (I have far too many days like that…but I simple refuse to purchase music created by someone who got famous off of “I Kissed A Girl”!)

Also you can kind of try out new artists risk free. For example, I love Cee-Lo Green’s F*** You. I was wondering to myself  “Should I buy the album. Would I like the whole thing?” Well with GrooveShark I found out, No Amanda, you would not like the whole thing. Just stick to the catchy song from the radio.

Credit:Google Images

Pandora still perfect for when you want to listen to something but you don’t want to think about it. You just turn it on and its there. But GrooveShark is better for when you know exactly what you want to hear. Or when you want to explore some new music. I’m so glad one of the clients at my internship is advertising on it. I never would have heard of it otherwise!

So what are you waiting for. Check it out!