The Guest Lecture

This evening nine lucky students from Simmons College will get the pleasure of hearing me try to explain not only my day to day job but my entire industry in 45 minutes or less.

I am going to be guest lecturing to an Intro to Ad class. Yep, I Amanda am a guest lecturer. Did I attend Simmons? Nope. But the professor of this class is apparently biffles with my old advisor.

I’m kind of glad it isn’t my al la mater. They won’t know what to expect so with any luck they’ve set their expectations low.

The part of me that isn’t insanely nervous is kinda pumped. Media is the most fun division of advertising. Well creative is probably fun by that requires natural artistic talents and I mean not everyone can have those. Media is the best part if advertising for people who can’t draw and aren’t aspiring to write the next great American novel.

So I’m excited to show students that. I just kind of lucked into media. So it would be awesome to help someone find it on purpose.

Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself so I don’t panic and back out!