The Most Wonderful Time of Year

I love Christmas more than almost anything else in the world. It’s not always the luckiest time of year for me. In fact it is often the time of year when my best laid plans are torn a sunder. I have lost two of the 3 grandparents I ever known at Christmas time. Most recently this Christmas season has begun with the notification that while the cancer in my mom’s stomach, found in August, has not gotten any bigger, the pieces in the liver had.

But I’m not upset. I’m not upset mostly because she is not upset. She is an amazing woman and praise of her strength would warrant an entirely separate post. But I’m also not upset because it is Christmas. And Christmas is a time of hope. Beautiful wonderful things happen at Christmas.

For me the most wonderfully hopeful thing about Christmas is what I know won’t change. As a liberal twentysomething living in Boston one could assume that I don’t consider myself traditional. But don’t even think about messing with my Christmas traditions.

I love Christmas because no matter what else is going on I know that the smell of a real Balsam Pine decked in white lights will calm me. I know that even though the directions say to add flour and then mix in the spices, you sift the spices into the flour and then add it slowly. I know that on Christmas Eve I will be with my family and we will eat apps and open presents and then we’ll go to church and sing Silent Night over candle light and when it’s all done it’ll be midnight Christmas Day. I know that in the weeks leading up all my favorite shows will have a Christmas episode before they take their hiatus. I know that ABC Family will play Harry Potter. I know that I’ll hear the bells of Salvation Army Volunteers each day.

No matter how stressed I am at this time of year. No matter what personal tragedy I suffer. I can’t stay sad at Christmas. It’s the stability. It’s in the knowing what’s coming. It’s in the familiarity and the warmth. It’s like this time of year holds on the the joys of the last and they grow interest overtime. I believed in Santa Clause much longer than the average child. But even now I truly do believe that Christmas holds magic.