I’m a Grown Up, I Have Throw Pillows

It’s not that I don’t think of myself as an adult. But for some reason adult and grown up are different to me.

I’ve been mostly financially independent for quite a while. I’ve lived in cities for the past 6 years. And I’ve lived completely on my own here in Austin since I arrived 2 months ago.

But today I really felt like a grown up. Because today. I rented a Zipcar. Drove my butt 30 min north to the closest IKEA. And a bought a couch y’all.

This beauty is all mine.


And it pulls out to be a bed so that people can start visiting me already!


And to think it started out as this


I’ve always loved being independent. But for some reason this whole couch thing symbolized a lot more. I’m really on my own. I really live in Texas. I’m really a grown-up. I mean I’ve got throw pillows and everything!