Knowing When It’s Right

No, this is not a post about finding a Valentine. I have absolutely no idea how to do that right. This is actually a really belated post about my trip to San Francisco.

Like Austin, SF was also on the list of cities I considered calling home post-college before I landed my first job and was able to stay in Boston for a while longer. (Other cities on that list are Seattle, Atlanta, and NYC, though I remove NYC pretty much every other day) So in early December when I saw JetBlue was having a sale that could get me there for under $250 I couldn’t help myself.

It also happened that my BFF’s b-day was one of the sale weekends, so it was pretty much a sign from the universe I needed to be there. If I had any doubts about whether or not I should have taken this trip they were erased once I boarded my flight and realized I got a whole row to myself and could therefore lay down and sleep the whole way. What a beautiful way to spend money that I should have been using to pay off debt. (oops, #sorryimnotsorry).

Until this trip the farthest west I’d ever been was Austin, but I always thought I’d like SF. Here are some reasons why:

  1. I crush public transit, driving makes me nervous
  2. I love the LGBT community and find my closest/best/most inspiring/most fun friends are often part of it
  3. Wine
  4. Water, sometimes knowing I can’t get to the ocean in 45 min makes me claustrophobic

I was completely right about all the reasons above. All of those things contributed to an amazing weekend there. Here’s some photo evidence of a time well had:


I really loved Philz Coffee. That was a last day discovery and the moment I took my first sip I knew I’d made a huge mistake missing out on drinking it exclusively for the previous 48 hours. I’m not exaggerating. Other than my friends it’s the #1 thing I miss about that place now that I’m back.

San Francisco is a beautiful city and I loved my time there. However, the best part of the trip was the confirmation it gave me that I’ve landed in the right place. I missed Austin while I was out there. Not in a “I miss my bed and my stuff way” but in a “I miss breakfast tacos, and being warm and dry, and juice, and yoga, and brisket” way.

I’m a city girl through and through; I thrive in cities and wilt in suburbs. However, San Francisco is a huge city. Which isn’t bad. But right now I’m really happy in my small city. Am I taking SF off the list? Absolutely not. It still has a spot. I just know now that I’m in the right place on the list for the person that I am in this moment and that’s a really awesome feeling. It’s also a significantly better souvenir than the 80 count Ghirardelli bag of chocolates I may or may not have considered bringing home with me.