Buzzing Thoughts: An example of What It’s Like To Be In My Head

Does anyone else experience that feeling where you know something but at the same time you don’t know anything at all?

I was just reading an article about bees. Evidently over the past few years it’s been hard to be a bee and whole colonies have been dying sometimes for what appears to be no reason at all. But who cares? Well Obama cares, because he just created the pollinator health task force.

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The thing is I know that bees are responsible for pollination. That’s elementary level earth science. I get that. And I know that plants have reproductive systems and most rely on pollination to prosper and reproduce. I think that was middle school science. So logically I 100% understand that bees must be important to agriculture.

Except in reality I obviously don’t understand, because when I read the article title about Bee Die-Off, my first reaction was “so what?” And even reading it, I’m thinking “have we seriously not found a way to pollinate our crops without relying on annoying little bugs?”  Totally, suffering from a human-superiority complex thing over here.

So now my hippie-dippy, side has perked up and I’m spiraling in this whole thought process around how intrinsically linked all things are. It’s amazing really, the connections and cause and effect.

But what else do I know but not know? Here I am, I’ve been walking around completely ignorant of the plight of bees having given absolutely no thought to their really very vital role in food production. How many other topics are there where I am several steps away from really putting 2 and 2 together.

I’m definitely going to need another cup of coffee with all these thoughts….coffee, made from beans, which come from a plant, which likely requires pollination, back to the bees.


June 2014, A Success Story

So circa Spring 2012 I decided to give running a try as an adult. Up until then I had negative bordering on traumatic memories of running having been subjected to mile runs in gym class as a chubby asthmatic kid. Somehow I turned a corner on it and me and running worked out our issues. I’ll never love running the way I love say, cheese, but since running helps me eat cheese without turning into the 600 lbs woman we have come to an agreement.

I have no desire to be one of those insane people that runs marathons. Sorry, just no. However, when  I moved to Austin I was working my way up to a 10K having completed several 5Ks and having settled into 3 miles as a standard run.

Yeah, well a lot has happened since last August and since running doesn’t make me happy the way cheese makes me happy I have seriously slipped. And it’s whatever. I’m not going to beat myself up about it . Perspective, it’s one of the only good things that comes from unthinkable loss.

So at the start of this month a bunch of people in my life were talking about starting 30 day challenges: abs, yoga, etc. I was feeling a little left out, until I decided to give myself a June challenge, too. I opened my Nike+ Running App and figured out how many runs per month I had averaged in the last year as well as how many miles.

Then I set my challenge, beat my average of 7 runs and 13 miles with an 8 run/13.1 mile goal. Not exactly a Herculean feat I know but hey judgey-mc-judgey-pants it’s a start.

We’ll there is a solid week left in this beautiful month and by using an aggressive red sharpie on my lovely Boston wall calendar to mark my progress I have hit my goal. 8 runs totaling 17.92 miles.


None of those runs were 3 miles. None of them were at the pace I used to run. But that’s not the point. The point is that I set a goal and I met it. And it feels good. It was such a little thing but life is totally in the little things. Like sweaty runs, achieved goals…..and brie.

I’d Take Mean Skies Over No Sky

Dear United Airlines,

I wanted to let you know that there is a serious flaw in your current tag line. Unless Wikipedia is failing me it is currently “Fly the Friendly Skies.” The thing about that tag line is that is assumes that you actually get up in the air.

I used to be the type of person who scoffed when someone said they had a preferred airline. Must be nice to be so wealthy so as to be able to afford being picky about flights.  What a luxury!

But, you know what? I think I’m getting close to understanding those people. I cannot say I have a favorite airline. But I’m narrowing the field. Because, United, I’ve ruled you out. In the past 9 months you have delayed a flight I was on so long that I very nearly missed one of my oldest friends weddings. When my mother died and my best friend was rushing to my side you diverted and delayed her so long it took her well over 24hrs to get to me. And then,  this very evening due to your inability to appropriately schedule a flight crew you have made it so that instead of seeing my Dad promptly at 10:29am tomorrow after many moons apart, I will see him at 10:05pm…maybe, who knows, knowing you.

I know what you’re thinking. Boo hoo, what’s 12 hours? Well 12 hours is actually a really long time when you’re a girl on the brink of her 25th birthday sans mother, in a city where you can easily count your friends on your hands and your close friends on just one.

So I just think you should consider a different tagline. Because in all honestly I’d rather mean skies over no sky. And I’m really not convinced you’re all that friendly. The thing about a friend is that you can let them know when they’re being a dick because you’ve got an open line of communication. Your customer service section is a fucking maze and you practically ask for my finger print to leave feedback. Those shenanigans are not those of a friend, on the ground or in the air.

I am sure operating an airline is quite complex. I mean, seriously the fact that a giant hunk of metal can carry a bunch of humans through the sky is impressive, gets me every time. But, maybe go with that as a tagline: Fly, it’s kind like magic and you should be happy with that because chances are the rest of it we’ll fuck up. That’s kind of a long tagline, I’m a media person not a copy writer so you’ll probably want to get someone on that but I mean it’s a start.


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