You Fancy huh?

Something really embarrassing happened to me last week. I became the Mayor of Jeffrey’s. Yes, I Amanda, use Swarm (formerly Foursquare) to check in places. I know that is “like so 2010” but I like to do it. I like to know where I’ve been. I like to look and see if it feels like 100 years since I’ve had a really awesome coffee at an independent coffee shop or if it actually has been.

Now if you’re not from Austin and you’ve just read my affirmation of my love of Swarm, you are probably thinking: “So what.” Fair point. I’ll get there. If you are from Austin, there are a couple things you could be thinking. So I’ll start to clear that up. No, I’m not a waitress there.  No, I’m not a middle-aged business man who needs to cut down on his red meat consumption. No, I’m not independently wealthy.

I’m a media supervisor at an ad agency and as part of my job I build relationships with sales reps from digital, television, and print publications. Sometimes that relationship building takes place over dinner. Sometimes that dinner is at a swanky steakhouse that is an Austin institution with steaks that start at $55.

Courtesy of

Jeffrey’s Facade – Courtesy of

Now, I’m not going to lie and tell you that it’s not a damn good steak. It is. If you have an anniversary, or any particularly important celebration coming up, go to Jeffrey’s. Get one of their yummy cocktails, sample the cheese cart, talk to the sommelier and get a great bottle of wine, throw caution and the World Health Organization to the wind an indulge in some delicious red meat. Do it. You will have celebrated well.

What I am going to say, that being the Mayor of this fine institution is embarrassing. I hold no other mayorships. Zero. So for this to be the only one, just makes me feel weird. I have been there a total of 4 times, and each time I have felt extremely spoiled to be eating so well…and like an imposter. This is a fancy people place. I am a fancy lady…but not that fancy.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I typically am fine with self-identifying as a Swarm user. I still am. But I was really taken back by how much of a fraud being the mayor of Jeffrey’s would make me feel. If at all possible I’d like to abdicate the thrown. The Major of Jeffrey’s should not be me, it really has to be the guy with the killer mustache who does both the cocktail and the cheese cart. Am I right?


Farmer’s Market Follow-up

So this post is a quick follow up to my Farmer’s Market post. I wanted to share the yummy outcome of that wondrous $12 trip.

First, I used the sweet potatoes to make some Sweet Potato Quinoa cakes. Of course I found them on Pinterest. I didn’t have any fresh herbs, which definitely would have more them better but  they were still pretty tasty anyway. I made 8 instead of 4 which makes them less than 100 cals per pattie!

From How Sweet It Is by Jessica

From How Sweet It Is by Jessica

Next up was my own creation. Stuffed Zucchini made with what I had on hand from the other recipes.

Stuffed Zucchini


1 zucchini

1/4 c. quinoa (cooked)

1/8 c. whole wheat bread crumbs

1/8 c. parmesan cheese, grated

1 tsp. minced garlic

I cooked the cooked the zucchini for 17 minutes at 350°. The I scooped out the center, missed it with the other ingredients, sprinkled a few more bread crumbs on top and broiled it for 3 minutes.

At 118 cals for each half it made a great dinner/lunch. If I made it again I think I might include sun-dried tomato, or some basil.

Last but not least I made Roasted Summer Squash with Mint and Lemon also from Pinterest.

From Kalyn's Kitchen

From Kalyn’s Kitchen

It was the perfect way to enjoy some summer squash before it’s time to start making winter squash creations.  It was so light and fresh and let me tell you, it made my apartment smell amazing. I could have sat there and ate the whole pan!