There’s Nothing Like Your First Time

They say there is nothing like your first time…

Get it together people, my mom reads this. This post is all about some firsts I checked of my list this past weekend that are entirely PG.

I had my very first bialy. What is a bialy you ask? Well it’s like a bagel, but Polish, and it’s not boiled & baked it’s just baked and it doesn’t have a hole it has a dent. It was delicious and it came as part of an amazing breakfast I had at my new neighborhood bakery, Sweetish Hill Bakery while I was waiting for my U-box to be delivered to my brand new apartment. (Because another first I did this weekend was half-move into my first solo-apartment. That will need to be an entirely separate post at some point.) In addition to being yummy, bialys are kind of interesting since they are the like sad step-sister of bagels. You can read more about bialys here like I did while I was eating it.

Saturday, I also drove in Austin for the first time! And I didn’t hit anything and I didn’t kill anyone. And what’s more it was in this adorable Smart car.


Austin is one of several cities across the country (as well as Austria, Canada, Germany Great Britain, and Netherlands) that has Car2Go. Car2Go is everything you wish ZipCar was. You pick it up in one place and you can drive it to wherever you need to go and then when you’re done you leave it. As long as you park in a special Car2Go space or metered parking you are good to go. It’s awesome. Life changing one could say. Well life changing for me because everyone drives here and I don’t have a car and I don’t really want one. So, yeah, it’s kinda amazing. (I will admit, I used to think I’d like to own a Smart car…I’m adjusting those views, it is kinda like driving an enclosed golf cart…but hey, it gets the job done.)

Where did I drive this adorable vehicle you ask? To my friend’s apartment and then to UT’s campus to attend my very first tailgate. It was everything I could have dreamed y’all! Despite the fact that it was hot as all get out, there were men in jeans, boots, button downs and cowboy hats. And the world turned burnt orange. They know how to commit to a theme down here…or at least a color palate. We attended the tailgate organized by the student group at the law school. For $10 bucks we got all the burgers, hot dogs, Shiner Bock and Gin Bucket we could want. It was amazing. There were British exchange students doing keg stands. What’s better than that! Nothing. It was like living inside a strange country music jam and I loved every minute of it.

And this guy was outside the bar later. So there’s that.


Lots of firsts…and I’ll definitely be going back for seconds on all of them.