What is This About?

This is round three of me trying to blog. I blog mainly for myself but also in the off chance that what I’ve got roaming around in my mind is entertaining, funny, and/or in any way interesting to someone else. I would go so far as to say helpful to someone else but I highly doubt that will ever be true.

Since I have a degree in Communication I know that successful bloggers have a singular focus. This blog will not have that. I don’t plan on getting a book deal by blogging about my opinions on juicing or by providing inspiration through deep confessions on a weekly basis. This blog is about me and consists of my ramblings on pretty much any topic I feel like. It’s a mixed bag, enjoy, or don’t. Your call.


One thought on “What is This About?

  1. My guess is that you will keep the blog going. Who would actually let such a brilliant blog name die? 😉
    Entertaining, funny, interesting: absolutely. 🙂
    I am looking forward to your future posts.

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